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4 Things Recruiters and Hiring Managers Learn from Your LinkedIn Headshot

The first thing recruiters and hiring managers see on LinkedIn is your headshot. That’s why it’s so important to make it stand out, but not in a bad way. Having the wrong headshot could take you out of the running for a position before they even click on your profile. No matter how amazing your LinkedIn profile is, recruiters won’t even get to see it unless your headshot communicates that you are friendly, likable, and trustworthy. So, what can recruiters and hiring managers learn from your headshot? Let’s take a look below. 


1) No Profile Image

Not having a picture doesn’t seem like it would cause any harm, however, it’s a huge risk to take. LinkedIn profiles with a photo are seven times more likely to be clicked on than one without a photo.  By not uploading a headshot, you are telling recruiters that you didn’t put any effort into your LinkedIn profile and that they shouldn’t even click on your profile to check you out. 

2) Expression

In Studio Business Headshot

Face-to-face you can tell when someone is upset, happy, or nervous by their facial expressions and a picture is no different. Your facial expression says what you can’t through a photo. The following is from a LinkedIn article on what your facial expression conveys to recruiters:

  • A big smile with a slight head tilt says, “I’m relatable and trustworthy.”
  • A straight-on gaze with a slight smirk says, “I’m excellent at my job.”
  • A sideways glance with a laughing smile says, “I’m fun and approachable.”
  • A serious face with a slight tilt to the side says, “I hear you, I see you, and I understand.”
  • A relaxed smile with a straight-on gaze says, “I’m here to serve.”

Recruiters and hiring managers can learn a lot from your expression alone, so make sure you’re setting the correct tone for the position you are seeking. 

3) Appearance

Dress to impress is a great saying for how to appear in your profile image. The more dressed up you are i.e. a 3-piece suit versus business casual demonstrates your level of formality. This also depends on the job you are going after, but recruiters want to see you dress the part, so you should look like you would going to work for the job you are seeking. 

4) Outdated Photo

Say you make it to the interview, great job! The only problem is that you have an old picture of yourself as your profile photo. Having an outdated picture of yourself can cause distrust simply because you do not appear as who you said you were on your profile. This can leave the recruiter wondering what else you are not being honest about. And remember at the beginning when I said your headshot should communicate that you are friendly, likable, and trustworthy, well there goes the trust. 

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