Establish Your Online Presence With a Professional Headshot

Your online presence is an essential aspect of marketing yourself, including any modern job search. Having a professional headshot taken is a simple, yet often overlooked, step in creating an online presence that reflects your goals, skills, and values. As professional headshot photographers, we care about helping our clients take the first step toward creating a cohesive online presence that conveys the highest standards of professionalism.

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Professional Headshots Establish a Core Online Identity

Developing a professional online identity is a crucial element of finding opportunities in the 21st century. Whether you’re searching for a new career within your industry, building a portfolio as a freelancer, or applying for professional development opportunities, your online presence is often where your connections will form their first impressions about you. Once you’ve gone through your social media profiles and deleted any posts that could be seen as controversial, selecting a quality headshot is the next step in establishing a professional online identity. Be sure to wear simple, professional attire to create a polished image without drawing attention to your clothing or makeup. 

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Create a Cohesive Online Presence With a Single Headshot

While it can be tempting to use a different profile picture on each platform to show off your photographer’s skills, your ultimate goal in building your online presence is consistency. Instead, choose a single headshot to use on each of your social media profiles, online forums, and author or speaker biographies to create a cohesive identity across a variety of platforms. By using one photo, you can ensure that each person who views your profile or reads your article receives the same impression. Including a headshot in your media kit ensures that it is available with the rest of your information whenever you need it. 

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Choosing a single, professional headshot is one of the most important elements of establishing a professional online presence. Contact Peak City Headshots today to learn more about the types of headshots we offer, view sample photos, or schedule your appointment!

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