What To Wear For a Professional Headshot

For many in the business world, a professional headshot is a key to making a great first impression to potential employers and clients alike. Having the right headshot can make your resume or portfolio feel more personal and friendly – it provides an emotional connection to you rather than just a business connection to your pitch. That’s why it’s extremely important to take into consideration what you wear for your professional headshot so you can send the best message. 

Your Professional Style

This sets the theme and addresses the biggest part of the question: what should you wear for a professional headshot. The answer varies depending on what you do and your professional style. A traditional professional business headshot has people smartly dressed in a tailored suit. If this just isn’t your style because you enter the boardroom or present in conferences in a crew neck shirt (hello Mark Zuckerberg), then stay on brand.

Let’s Talk Color

Color can be very subjective. Unless it’s your brand, you’ll want to avoid any potentially jarring colors like neon orange or hot pink. We usually recommend clients stick to classics like blue, grey, black, and white. As conservative as this sounds, you can always add interest via your tie or the use of scarfs. If you prefer a bit more personality, choose something that meets your brand. Personally, I love a blue blazer with an unbuttoned collar!

Picking the Perfect Pattern

Speaking of drawing just the right amount of interest, choose patterns carefully. Solid colors on a textured fabric such as linen would add timeless flair without distracting too much. Busy or bold patterns can be distracting, so you’ll want to avoid them.

Fit and Details

In the same way that you’ll want subtle patterns, it’s also best to go conservative with details like jewelry. Stud earrings or a simple necklace for the ladies, and a solid or subtly patterned tie for the gentlemen is all you really need to add. Overbearing accessories will draw attention away from your face, distracting from the emotional connection you’re trying to create. Also, make sure all of your clothes fit well. You’ll want to stick with long sleeves and higher necklines. As we get older fabric photographs better than skin, and again, it’s all about minimizing distractions. Any gaps or folds in your clothes will really stand out in photographs, so visit your tailor if needed to get that perfect it. 

We Can Help

Getting a professional headshot is exciting, and what you wear for it has a big impact. If you’re still unsure of what to wear,  reach out to your photographer for guidance, or bring multiple outfit options to play with during the shoot. However, what is the most important thing in a great professional headshot? A talented and experienced photographer who can utilize lighting, angles, and more to really take your headshot to the next level. Contact us to book an appointment today.

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